Los cuentos del rio


During the summer break, the fortress ruins overlooking the village of El Castillo on San Juan River, Nicaragua, turn into a stage for a local theatre group. The river is part of a natural passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It tells the story of 500 years of colonisation, exploitation of resources, trade and transportation and over 70 failed canal projects. The group works on a play about the history of the river and the numerous travellers that tried to control it. Pirates meet conquerors, engineers fight against indigenous chiefs. Around the play, the young actors reflect on their own identity and the future of the country in the the context of the new Chinese canal project.

Julie Schroell
Jean-Yves Dupuis
Directeur de production
Frank Pineda
Chef opérateur
François Martig
Ingénieur du son
Damian Plandolit
Monteur image
Mark Russell
Assistant monteur
Capucine Courau
Monteur son
Raoul Nadalet
Michel Schillings
Charlotte Bruneau
Assistante de recherche
Pascal Karier & Aaron Ahrends

Production Companies

  • Calach Films
  • Loufok Productions


  • Film Fund Luxembourg