In 1921, Charles, a young Luxembourgish cartographer is sent to Albania as part of a border commission to gather information on the topography and the people of the region. The country has recently become independent, but it does not yet have clearly defined borders.

Back in Paris, Charles gets to report to the Conference of Ambassadors. At first, he is overwhelmed by the impressive architecture and the intimidating grandeur of the event. However, he soon learns that the party of self-serving diplomats has little interest in the future of the people he has just met. With no representative of Albania even present, Charles feels the need to speak up for the young country. Despite breaking protocol in doing so, Charles shares an observation with the quarrelling diplomats that allows them to find a peaceful solution to the question of where to draw the urgently needed borders.


Charles Schaeffer

The character of Luxembourgian Charles Schaeffer is based on a mention of his name in an Albanian history book. In 1921, he was part of a border commission sent by the Great Powers to gather information for the ongoing negotiations on where to draw the borders of Albania. He travelled together with Jens Christian Meinich from Norway, Rolf Thesleff from Finland and their Swiss secretary Count H. de Pourtalès.

When reporting to the Paris Conference of Ambassadors in the same year, Schaeffer became a neutral and respected voice of reason. His standing up to the narrow self-interests of the participating countries, historians tell us, had a great impact on bringing peace to the region.


Maximilien Jadin Charles Schaeffer
Adrien Papritz French Conference Secretary
Denis Jousselin French Conference Leader
Joël Delsaut Serbian ambassador
Timothy Lone American Observer
Director Nicolas Neuhold
Script-Writer Nicolas Neuhold
Producer Jesus Gonzalez-Elvira
Director of Photography Vitalijus Kiselius
Production Designer Christina Schaffer
Editor Marc Recchia
Sound mixer Arnaud Mellet
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