The Toy Gun


The Toy Gun is a fun and gritty dark comedy based on the novel « Una spiegazione logica » by Eugenio Tornaghi published by Todaro Editore.

Ruggero, a meek young man, impulsively robs a bank to prove to his ex-wife that he is courageous and masculine. A police investigation engulfs everyone except our unassuming hero who is completely ignored. Through a set of hilarious coincidences, he gets away with the robbery, while corrupt bank officials take the fall for what looks like an inside job.

Fargo meets The Big Lebowski, as Ruggero discovers the crime world of loan sharks and thugs he’s gotten into.


Ruggero Levati – Luke Allen-Gale

30 years-old, thick head of messy brown hair and unshaven cheeks, thin and unassuming, who is desperate after being dumped by his wife and love of his life. In fact, Giulia was the only thing that made him happy; his life revolving around her. In time, Ruggero realizes he really does have a solid backbone, a brain, and even a bulging dose of self-confidence, to make something of himself – for himself.

Sofia LopesGiulia Redondini – Hana Sofia Lopes

A small-town Italian girl who follows her husband, Ruggero, abroad. But deep down, she sees it as a chance at a new life as Giulia lets herself get carried away by blind ambition. Overly friendly and highly seductive, it’s a formula that seems to work for her in her new country and helps her shed her small-town ways. But the formula is superficial – has Giulia learned her lesson too late?


John HannahElio Sironi – John Hannah

A man who lost his spine somewhere along his path in life. Never one to fully enjoy the benefits of his secret, gigolo lifestyle as a high-end bank manager thanks to a humble upbringing of integrity and respect, he struggles to steer his ship sailing in waters he can’t navigate. Discomfort causes stress, and that stress causes him to lash out in anger, somewhat comically, but ultimately results in his demise.

Anthony LaPagliaGaetano Lolli – Anthony LaPaglia

40’s, the hardened face of a man who’s seen it bad in his day. Lolli has had enough of the tough guy life, but admits its that very tough guy life that has made him appreciate things. Like the need for trust and friendship. And service. After spending so many years taking out of necessity, he’s giving back. Whether it be in information to the police, or home-cooked meals and priceless advice to his neighbour, Ruggero, Lolli is proof that even the hardest of men can change.

SFederico Castelluccioante Casoria – Federico Castelluccio

a man who means business. Sure, he can see the lighter side of life, which helps him in his negotiations with the desperate cases of the world, primarily rich guys who suddenly feel the need to be richer and will hire his loan shark ring to do it, but he’s not afraid to pop a bullet in someone’s head to keep things smooth. The man means business: he’s both business and mean.

Julian SandsOfficer Jonta – Julian Sands

Early 50’s, a logical man hardened by years on the police force. Selfconfessed workaholic, he loves his job even more than his wife, but he’d never tell her that. Jonta takes pride in being called the force’s Sherlock Holmes, even as he moves up in age but not in rank. Trustworthy and introspective, he uses both charm and intimidation to get his information and, sprinkled with a good dose of his investigative wisdom, he always gets his man. Almost always.


Director Marco Serafini
Writers Marco Serafini & Vince Villani
Production manager Jean-Yves Dupuis
Cinematographer Blasco Giurato
Editor & Assistant Editor Ilana Goldschmidt, Mark Russel
Casting Steve Daly, Tara Donnell & Ann Willems
Production designer Christina Schaffer
Costume designer Magdalena Labuz
Make-up designer Jasmine Schmit
1st assistant director Daniel Texter
2nd assistant director Anke Timmermans
3rd assistant director Carlota Gonzalez-Hontoria Lefevre
Sound mixer Yves Bemelmans
Boom operator Lieben Verbraeken, Céline Bodson
Sound designer Nicolas Tran Trong
Sound re-recording mixer Michel Schillings
VFX supervisor Claude Kongs
SFX supervisor Ken Fitzke
Gaffer Vitalijus Kiselius
Best boy  Jan Vandenbussche
Electrician 1  Maxim Honore
Electrician 2 Dieter Roelens
Key grip Jean-François Roqueplo
Grips  Edwin Van den Hove, Guillaume Fairon
Location managers Christophe Vincent, Tom Reps
Assistants Location Manager Guillaume Arnal-Rodrigo, Vincent Custers
Location Scout Ambroise Gayet
B-Camera Operator Jan Dellaert
Focus Puller A-Camera Carlo Thiel
Focus Puller B-Camera Colas Besnard
Data Wrangler Karolien Jonckers
Set Photographer Etienne Braun



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